Leak detection services

Most buildings insurance policies include Trace and Access cover which in simple terms provides you with cover to locate and access leaking pipes.  We can help! Just give us a call. 

We often come across properties that have sustained damage as a result of leaking pipes. It also quite often that these pipes were encased in concrete and concealed beneath tiled floors. 

If you suspect there is a leak in your property we can attend and provide you with non invasive works to ascertain where the leak is. 

Having a wealth of knowledge and experience in the property insurance industry we can provide specialist reports adding value to what could be considered a standard trace and access report. 

Utilising our experience we go the extra mile for our clients and deliver a truly bespoke and outstanding service.

Experience you can trust. Our Managing Director has worked for some of the worlds largest companies in the insurance industry and has obtained an diverse and broad experience specifically related to properties that have been damaged. 

You're in safe hands.