Michael Woods has obtained Membership status with the FPWS

I am pleased to announce that I have gained membership status with The Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors!

It is always a great feeling when you achieve a goal you have set yourself. Around a year ago I attended a 2 day seminar with The Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors with the intention of obtaining membership status. Unfortunately I didn't pass at interview stage. The Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors were very helpful. They set me three separate exam papers and provided me with contact details of a mentor who would help and assist me in gaining the knowledge I needed to pass at interview stage.

On the 4th October 2017 I travelled to London for my second interview and passed with flying colours! What a great sense of achievement.

Why become a member?

The Faculty offers support and education for our members involved in Party Wall and related matters. We provide a number of levels of membership to suit different needs and levels of competency.

The Faculty is a non-profit making organisation whose principles are the raising of the standard and awareness of party wall matters from an informed, proven academic background with an open information shared basis.

The Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors is an academic and educational-based organisation that specialises in representing surveyors who are active in the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

The Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors is a progressive professional organisation for Party Wall Surveyors in England and Wales.

The Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors protects the public and furthers the profession by insistence upon high standards of professional conduct and competence.

The objective of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors is to promote and extend the practice, knowledge and study of the Party Wall Act and to encourage the exchange of information and ideas amongst members.

The Faculty provides referrals for appointments as Party Wall Surveyors.

The Faculty has legal support and counsel when required, which is available to all members.


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