My favourite projects

Having been involved in thousands of projects over my career I have developed a keen interest in two specific areas of construction.

- Below ground structures BS8102

In fact it was evident my interest in below ground structures was already developing when I was a child. I remember once excavating what i believed to be a redundant patch in my parents garden to construct a corrugated metal roof structure complete with glazed window reveals and green roof.

I can assure you it by no means complied with BS8102 although it was a lot of fun! I don't think they were overly impressed.

I am keen to become involved in more extravagant projects over the coming years and it was this page that inspired me to write this blog. Please do check out the page linked above. These basements are MEGA!

- Retaining walls

I love a good retaining wall! Having recently acted as Principal Designer and contract administrator for a retaining wall project involving gabion baskets and another comprising stepoc blocks I researched various methods of construction which founded the basis of my interest in retaining walls. I look forward to becoming involved in other types of retaining wall projects in the future.

I am keen over the next few years to become involved in larger Steel framed construction projects.

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