Party Wall etc. Act 1996

What does the Party Wall Surveyor have no power over?

The Party Wall Surveyor does not have the power to act for the following matters.

1.To determine the position of a boundary between the owners if this is in dispute. They can give some guidance but the decision rests with the owners.

If you have a boundary dispute we would recommend that an MRICS Qualified Building Surveyor is instructed to resolve this. We can provide this service if required.

2. Agree to any works outside of the notifiable works. For example, if the Notice relates only to excavation works under Section 6, the Party Wall Surveyor cannot be involved with any of the obuilding that is placed upon the foundation of that excavation.

You can instruct us separately to assist in this matter. 

3.  Agree foundations encroach upon the Adjoining owner's land unless this work is proven to be necessary.

If you need the services of a Structural Engineer we can provide this separately. 

4.  Agree that reinforced foundations are to be placed upon the Adjoining Owner's land. Only the two Owners can agree this, which is required to be in writing.

5. Agree to works to be undertaken at some future date.

6. Agree that a wall be built as a party wall, only the owners may confirm this.


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